August 1, 2013

things I love (supper club).

Supper Club. 

Once a month, my friends and I meet at a restaurant in Phoenix (or we've been known to occasionally venture to Scottsdale or *gasp* Gilbert) that most of us haven't been to, order a ton of delicious food, relax with one (twothreefour) cold cocktails, get totally judgy and enjoy a new place and each other's company. 

Sometimes we end up loving it. 

Sometimes we end up wishing we had picked somewhere else. 
Sometimes we find ourselves at the end of the night in a parking lot celebrating a birthday. 
(when life hands you lemons...or cupcakes...!)

We always overdo it. 

We always try dessert.
I'm always the weird one taking food pics. 
We always seem to be adding new members (hey babies!). 
And we allllways love it. 

So far we've wound up places like Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails at the Palomar, The Main Ingredient, Citizen Public House, Beckett's Table, Barrio QueenJoe's Farm Grill & Federal Pizza (hello sweet potato pizza!). 

Good or bad (mostly good!), it's always an adventure. 

Where should we go next?!


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  1. Love this, and our supper club, and you!

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