March 16, 2017

people I love (it's lindsey's birthday // 30).


this beautiful, magical human completes another trip around the sun today. and goodness, it's a big one. having ventured forth into the uncharted territory of being in your 30's first, I've promised her it's going to be a decade full of real, real good things. to celebrate this momentous occasion, here are THIRTY reasons I hit the sister jackpot. xx 

1. she's adventurous. 
2. she's smart. 
3. she cries. literally at everything. commercials. life events. magicians. 
4. she's probably (absolutely) better than you at tennis. 
5. she's definitely been to more countries than I have. 
6. she shares my unhealthy youtube obsession. 
7. she calls with 3 days notice and offers to fly me to london for wimbledon. 
8. she's just as cool with a spendy hotel as she is with a shack in the desert (or an accidental smoking room). 
9. she can put together any and every piece of ikea furniture ever made. 
10. she's a real patient instagram model. 
11. she moves to only the best cities (NYC? London? Honolulu? DC?). 
12. she's a great Price is Right coach. 
13. she adorably can't pronounce "yosemite" and will never, ever live it down. 
14. she lets me force her into reading out loud to me on road trips so she doesn't fall asleep. 
15. she's a real good friend. 
16. no one makes a better (and prettier!) thanksgiving pie. 
17. she's generous. 
18. she's a terrible texter (but it's so bad it's almost endearing). 
19. she's going to make an epic safari buddy.
20. she's with her. 
21. she's the life of the party. always. 
22. she doesn't mind when I drag her to weird towns, weird art, weird restaurants, etc. 
23. she has friends all over the world. 
24. she's pretty cute. 
25. she throws a great celebration. 
26. she likes good music - but never remembers the words. 
27. she has the best smelling bedroom you'll ever be in. 
28. she's not afraid to try things. 
29. she's the PERFECT adventure teammate. 
30. she's a pretty great sister (even when I'm crazy). 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU WONDERFUL HUMAN YOU! We definitely don't deserve you! xo

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