May 31, 2010

show me something pretty.

In the midst of redecorating. Brainstorming what to put on my walls, and in love with these Map prints by JHill Design. Thinking of collecting them for every place I visit! Check them out (and many more beautiful options) by clicking on the photo. 

May 30, 2010

bathed in glitter with a splash of color.

Today's video...Mariana & the Diamonds - I am not a Robot. So colorful. In love. 

May 29, 2010

home is wherever I'm with you.

Sharing one of the most charming music videos ever. If you haven't heard Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros...check them out! Folksy, feel good, and amazing. 

May 28, 2010

welp, here goes nothing.


Nice to meet you. 

I'm jumping on the blog bandwagon (albeit exceptionally late in the game). I want to leave my stamp on things. Share things I love. With people I love. Occasionally ramble a little bit. 

So here's what I know: I LOVE travel. I LOVE diet coke. I LOVE snapping photos. I LOVE the sound of good, live music more than almost anything on this planet. I LOVE to take a turn off the beaten path. And I LOVE to share great things with great people. 

Looking forward to sharing them with you. 

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