July 24, 2013

quotes I love (this one).

photo from last year's adventures in Newport, RI. 


July 21, 2013

songs I love (stranger in a strange land).

A Sunday spent listening to one of my favorite Blitzen Trapper songs on repeat. 

(video is from their recent show at Crescent Ballroom in Phx)


July 16, 2013

apps I love (heads up).

Because you're always waiting in line for a table, a concert, a meal, or a shuttle. 

So why not do it like this

Hilarity is a given. 


bands I love (blitzen trapper).

Man, I like these guys

They're good. 

Like really, really good. 

The kind of good that makes you want to hear all their music. ALL of it. 

And they just seem like cool people (they are!). 

I've seen them live more than any other band I love. 

They were in town Sunday night, and I had to go. 

And it was so, so, great. 

I can't wait for their new album to come out in October. 

So until then, sharing my 10 favorite Blitzen Trapper tunes... 

1. Jericho 

2. Stranger in a Strange Land 
3. Furr 
4. Destroyer of the Void 
5. War on Machines 
6. Girl in a Coat 
7. Fletcher 
8. Street Fighting Sun 
9. Lady on the Water 
10. Black River Killer

and a few of my favorite photos from their LAST show at Crescent (in 2011)... 



cities I love (the vegas).

Wednesday night I found my weekend girls trip to Utah falling to pieces. 
Thursday morning what was left of our group of seven (two of us!), decided to take advantage of our days off and not let cancelled plans spoil a perfectly good weekend. 

So Vegas it was. 

And it was good. Real good. 

There was a lot of glitter, a little love, and very few photos (we were too busy having a dreamy adventure).

That's all. :) 



July 8, 2013

cities I love (a mile high adventure).

It had been far too long since I'd visited. 
This city that's home to people who I like. So very much. 

Music, beautiful weather, mountains and friends were reason enough to make the trek. 

The Avetts were playing. At Red Rocks. 

A more perfect show might not exist. 
And we had to be there. 
And so we went. 

We snarfed. 

Went barefoot. 
Avoided downtown and made friends with a new neighborhood. 
A pretty adorable neighborhood. 

We had sleepovers. 

Heard American Girl covered twice. 
And confused it for something else. 

We visited Stanley.

Channeled Stephen King.  
Saw Scary Mary in the flesh. 
Told ghost stories. 
Watched scary movies in daylight. 
(through squinted eyes and from under blankets...). 

We danced. 

Until we couldn't anymore. 
Fell more and more in love with folky, warm, dreamy jams. 
Because that's what the Avetts do to a person. 
Make you fall in love. 

After "I and Love and You", I overheard a guy near me quietly say to his girlfriend, "I get it now". 

Because in that moment, that place, with those songs and those people, 

How could you not? 


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