July 16, 2013

bands I love (blitzen trapper).

Man, I like these guys

They're good. 

Like really, really good. 

The kind of good that makes you want to hear all their music. ALL of it. 

And they just seem like cool people (they are!). 

I've seen them live more than any other band I love. 

They were in town Sunday night, and I had to go. 

And it was so, so, great. 

I can't wait for their new album to come out in October. 

So until then, sharing my 10 favorite Blitzen Trapper tunes... 

1. Jericho 

2. Stranger in a Strange Land 
3. Furr 
4. Destroyer of the Void 
5. War on Machines 
6. Girl in a Coat 
7. Fletcher 
8. Street Fighting Sun 
9. Lady on the Water 
10. Black River Killer

and a few of my favorite photos from their LAST show at Crescent (in 2011)... 



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