May 22, 2014

hawaii in video. or mostly three minutes of waves crashing.

I went to Hawaii

It was exceptional. 

Here's a quick video! 



May 20, 2014

things I love (a great distraction // 10)

image via 

The Beygency.

Pay for your dinner with instagram!

How to win friends and influence waiters

Swap lives with a stranger

Reliving Clarissa Explains it All

and as a bonus...johnny express. :) 



May 18, 2014

places I love (paradise).

There is only one reason I'm okay with my sister living far, far away from me. And it's because she picks hopelessly epic cities to reside in (hello nyc & london!). 

She's been living on Oahu for almost two years, so it was high time I ventured out to the islands. 

We had the very best time. 

Very best. 

She's a natural born tour guide. 

Beaches, shaved ice, jungles, shaved ice, food trucks, shaved ice, the most beautiful oceans (and believe me, I've seen some beautiful oceans). 

Ukeleles, flowers. Oh the flowers. 

Picnics, big hair, tropical treats, hula. 

It was perfect. 

There are so many beautiful places in this world and we're pretty lucky to call one our own. 

Some highlights? Waiola Shave Ice (and we should know, we tried them all). Chief's. Wandering the North Shore. Hanauma Bay. Some of the best things I've ever eaten. Dinner and a view. #teachyoself. And four epic, epic meals

Go. Even if it takes you six years to save up the miles. Or you don't have a sister who gives you the locals treatment. Just do it. 



May 3, 2014

things I love (a great distraction // 9)

Well I'm off on a quick adventure, but in the mean time, you know what to do. :) 

Kid lessons. 30 minutes very, very well spent. Trust me. 

Grilled cheese. By parachute. Sign me up! 

I want one of these. So bad.

How do I get on this boat

Uh, has a party line. There are kittens. 

and as a're welcome

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