June 28, 2013

a list (5 things to do to avoid spontaneously combusting in phoenix this weekend).

Okay, okay. We get it. It's hot in Phoenix. Like all the time. And it's going to be REALLY hot this weekend. So hot that my instagram feed has been completely overrun with photos of temperature gauges. 

But there are worse things. We could be snowed in. It could be 100% humidity. We could be stuck on a cross country road trip with three kids, a dog and a swamp cooler (been there). 

So, in an effort to ensure my friends don't dissapear in a poof of fiery fury, here are five ways to spend your weekend. Inside. And not melting to death. 

Go to a movie. And when I say "a movie", I really mean this one. It's really, really good. And it makes you yearn for the woods. It's playing at Camelview. And it stars Nick Offerman. Worth it. 

Check out the Phoenix Art Museum. It's totally underrated and wonderful, and the current exhibition celebrates the art of videogames. Go relive the childhood angst caused by yoshi's lack of opposable thumbs and inability to climb things and spend a day exploring one of my favorite places. 

Relax. The Hotel Valley Ho has an awesome Sunday summer spa deal (90 minutes of treatments and a cocktail, plus access to the pool all day for $99). Trust me. It's wonderful. 

Grab a cold one (or two, or three). The Phoenix Ale Brewery is a great spot to try some great locally brewed beer, have a snack, and learn about the process. 

Head for the hills! If nothing else, pack a snack, grab a book and a blanket and head north. Prescott and Flagstaff have great places to cool off and enjoy some sunshine without the ambience of an oven. 



June 17, 2013

places I love (and love, and love, and love) --> yep, it's marfa.

This town. 

I've already told you more than you thought you'd ever hear about this tiny, dusty, special place. 

I love it. It's magic. I want to lay in a hammock and enjoy the slow life and take pictures forever. 

So I'll leave it at that. 


I got to play tour guide and show two of my favorites around this weekend. 

We baked (okay I baked) in the sun, pedaled bikes around town, ate our weight in epic, epic food, showed off our talents, saw the mystery lights, told ghost stories, had lazy conversations in teepees and just soaked in marfa life. 

and it was wonderful. 

as it always is. 



June 12, 2013

pictures of things I love // 1

1//summer lunch 2//a peach orchard 3//pea time 4//delicious 5//skirt 6//succulents 7//avocado toast


June 9, 2013

songs I love (a list for summer).

A few songs (new and old) that always remind me of summer. 


June 8, 2013

adventures I love // this is happening.

(& maybe Meagan!)

Flight booked. 


Pretty excited about my next adventure. 


June 6, 2013

lauren loves a show // mumford.

One of my favorite things to do at a show is stop and look at the crowd around me. There's something special about standing together and sharing in a sound you love. The crowd for this week's Mumford & Sons show was packed wall to wall on a hot Phoenix night, barefoot, dancing and mesmerized by the music. 

When a band can get 20,000 people to stand silent as they gather around a mic and sing their quiet guts out, you know there's magic in the air. 

It may have taken 2.5 hours to drive the 10 miles down the road to the venue, but I would drive across state lines for a great show. 

And it was. 

Sharing my absolute favorite Mumford video. :)


June 3, 2013

blogs I love (a little list).

I know, I know! I most definitely fell asleep on you. Phew! Sorry about that. It's been a crazy few weeks. 

That being said, one of my favorite ways to unwind is to curl up with an iced coffee (orrrr Diet Coke...) and read my favorite blogs. There are SO many out there (hello, they let ME write one), that it can be daunting to weed through and pick out a handful you want to keep coming back to. 

A few years of practice have led me to some absolute favorites. Here are five lovely (I assume) women, who write wonderful stories, share creative ideas, and let us into their lives (just a little bit). 

Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess share some of my favorite ideas for recipes, home projects, and life. I can always count on a fun new cocktail, a home tour or a great idea

Meg does some of my favorite writing. Like ever. Stories like this are the kind I can FEEL when I read them (and remind me of this). I can't say enough about Meg's tales of adventure. You should read them. And tell others to read them. And if nothing else, she take dreamy, pretty pictures and has exceptional taste in music. 

Okay, if you're a girl and you have access to the internet, you have probably found Bri's blog already. BUT. That doesn't mean it's not one of my favorites. I love her posts on adventure, pretty things, and creative projects. And from what I can tell, girl throws a MEAN party

James. Her pictures. That's all. They're my favorite. 

Jordan's blog was one of the first I ever started reading, and I was hooked. She is a creative whirlwind, with great ideas for home, fun parties (who wouldn't want dinner on a beach under the Golden Gate Bridge?!), great surprises and just really, really good ideas

Happy Reading!


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