January 22, 2018

marfa // a video.

marfa, tx. from Lauren Keeler on Vimeo.

places I love // marfa.

there is no desert town I love more than marfa, tx.

there is no activity I love more than convincing my friends to go there with me. 

so here we are. a 5th visit.

me and a couple of rad ladies who appreciated it for all it's quirks. 

a few new favorites of note: stayed at the thunderbird, finally did a proper chinati tour (a must!), had cocktails at the gorgeous capri, cozied up in ramona's kitchen for the best breakfast burritos and a memorable dinner at laVenture

it's not a town that is easy to get to, so you really have to want  to be there to visit, which is part of what makes it so special. 

marfa, I'll love you forever. xo

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