December 3, 2017

things I love (ICE CREAM // Los Angeles).

the obvious thing to do two weeks after your best gal gets married is trick her into meeting you in l.a. for a girls weekend, right? 

a quick weekend filled with lady time, friend visits, sunshine and a dip in the sprinkle-pool. my lightning fast typing skills paid off and meant we had tickets to the insta-famed (and forever sold out) museum of ice cream in all it's pepto pink glory. 

we stayed at the line (pro tip: this is not an oasis of calm. prepare for a rowdy stay - especially if your room is right above the pool). still, it's a beautiful place with the greenhouse daydream - commissary - you've been seeing all over the internet. it's just as magic (and delicious!) as it looks. 

it was the perfect way to spend a weekend (with a night in perfect weather at the hollywood bowl to round it out). 



October 4, 2017

things I love (keeler adventures // color factory edition).

every once in a while life gets real crazy + the best thing you can do is play hooky, tell your mom to meet you at the airport at 6am for a surprise, and end up in a huge yellow ball pit in another state by noon.

back in August in need of some serious fun, we ventured to san francisco for the day to explore the color factory and subsist on only fortune cookies.

mission accomplished.




July 20, 2017

things I love (a great distraction // 41)

my favorite travel company launched a new magazine.

stranger dinner parties. would you go to one?

macklemore's glorious video surprises his 100 year old grandma. guh.

would you be willing to pay for the joy of an empty seat?

tell SFMoMA how you feel and they'll text you back a masterpiece! 

June 9, 2017

places I love (south africa // babylonstoren)

just when we thought south africa couldn't get any better. a week on safari, a night in a old-world gem in durban, exploring cape town edge to edge

in the middle of our cape town stay, we planned two nights an hour or so outside the city in the stellenbosch wine region of south africa. 

after two nights at babylonstoren, I'm ruined for all future hotels. forever. a dreamy old cape dutch farm built in the 1600's and currently owned by the former editor of south african elle, babylonstoren is perfect. we were lucky enough to snag the room in the farm hotel nestled above the library and it was nearly impossible to drag myself away. 

garden after garden after garden. 
one of the continent's best restaurants
ducks on the payroll. 
all the wine. whenever we wanted. from our own bar. 
long afternoon bike rides. 
cheese shops.
salads by color. 
chickens and donkeys and geese. 
tea picked from the grounds. 
rose. all day. 
a spa plucked straight from my daydreams. 
vineyard sunsets. 

if you get the chance, don't even think about it. just go.

everything here is beautiful. 

and I can't wait to come back. 

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