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September 2, 2016

places I love (palm springs).

one of my favorite things about living in phoenix is just how quickly you can be somewhere totally different. head north? you can ski! head south? you're in mexico. cross a dam, it's vegas. but wander four-ish hours into the california desert and you'll find yourself in palm springs. 

man, I love it there. 

a few weeks ago, in serious need of some pool time and a road trip, my friend kristin and I headed west. palm springs is a place I never get sick of. saturated with beautiful hotels, amazing food, epic people watching and mid-century shopping, I'd be there every weekend if I could. this time around, here were some of our favorites. 

we stayed at the iconic ace hotel + swim club. it didn't disappoint. my curse of the broken photo booth was finally lifted, the dj played gems from a different era, and the pools were the perfect way to escape the heat. 

we indulged in breakfast at norma's (and were in awe of jonathan adler's parker wonderland), had a perfect dinner at workshop, and at the recommendation of a local shop owner, discovered some of the best vietnamese I've ever had at rooster and the pig. sunday meant grabbing an amazing brunch at reservoir (a bloody mary bar. churros. that's all you need to know). seriously palm springs. your food game is STRONG.

after dinner (or before!), pop into the TINY, dark, bootlegger tiki for a drink served up with kitschy flair. swing by the amigo room at the Ace for some live music and moody vibes. 

before you leave, grab a perfect iced coffee at the beautiful customs coffee and stop by that pink door for one last photo. the only cure for your post-ps funk is to spend the entire ride home planning your next visit. 


August 22, 2016

places I love (seattle // lopez island)

hello? anyone remember me? I'm finally getting my act together and thought it was time to catch up on some recent adventures. first up - a trip to the PNW to visit a good one. unicorn hunts, donuts and seattle wanderings ensued. 

but then. 

after nearly a dozen trips to the emerald city, expanding our footprint was on the agenda. 

we headed a few hours and a ferry ride out of town and landed on lopez island. the third largest of the san juan islands, lopez is known for rolling, slow country life - perfect for bikes and naps and taking it easy. 

we stayed in this adorable collection of cabins that was perfection. 
bikes were waiting for us, dropped off before we got there by village cycles
we had treats (along with the rest of town) here + had dinner here

every single local we passed waved and smiled. we saw more bunnies in 24 hours than we've probably seen in our whole lives (they are a local fave). 

it was awesome. you should go. 


July 25, 2016

things I love (a great distraction // 40)

you guys. they brought the max to life. !!! 

a grilled cheese + taco hybrid. what!?

france has a wine theme park. I repeat. a wine. theme. park. 

5 things harder than registering to vote. 

trader joes secrets. no wonder we love them so much! 

would you stay here? 

July 15, 2016

things I love (fancy sandwiches on demand).

I love a good tradition just about as much as I love a good sandwich + a cute idea. Throw those things together and I don't know what to do with myself. Cue le dinersaur

Fancy Sandwich Friday. 

Adorable Olivia's adorable sandwich business, le dinersaur, delivers even MORE adorable lunches straight to wherever you are (assuming you're in phx!). Are you getting the picture? It's ALL ADORABLE and irresistible. 

The best thing about working from home most Fridays is my fancy sandwich delivery. 

The menu changes every week (she posts it here and on her insta each Monday). You send an email with your order, and magically a perfect lunch is delivered to your home or office. Everything is amazing. The bread is home baked. You get a cute quote with your order. And a tea cookie in a HANDMADE PAPER BOX. C'mon. Come. On. 

If you're not within the delivery area, find a friend who is! Find a spot to meet. Shoot, come to my house! 

I guess what I'm saying is, lunch doesn't get any better than a le dinersaur delivery and I want everyone I know to know it. Do it, do it, do it! 

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