June 18, 2018

keeler adventures // denmark (copenhagen)

after nearly a week of other worldly adventuring in the faroe islands, we headed back to denmark for the real reason we were there. about an hour by train from copenhagen, nyborg was the perfect place for a danish wedding. we stayed in the bottom floor of this airbnb, celebrated love, had an incredible meal here, and wandered around town for the weekend before returning to copenhagen for some final adventures. 

I've already wholeheartedly proclaimed my love for this city, so I'll spare you the gushing. I will say, it's one of the few places I've returned to, and every time I visit, I love it a little more. here were some highlights from this round: 

we stayed in this airbnb (which was wonderful!) and then hotel danmark - which we loved. 

we took an adorable canal tour with hey captain (the perfect alternative to the huge tour boats you see everywhere), wandered around the royal palace, eyed the crown jewels at rosenborg castle and enjoyed happy hour in the grass of the king's garden, climbed to the top of the round tower for the best view of the city and did some roller coastering in the twinkly wonderland of tivoli

our epic noma adventure aside, we stopped for coffee and treats at the corner (a noma offshoot), had some of the best mexican food of my life (and I live in AZ!) at sanchez, sipped all the danish beers at brus, reveled in the sunshine by the water with natural wines and snacks at den vandrette, fell in love with the pizza at baest, the pasta at mirabelle and all.the.things at cafe atelier september

everything about denmark is magic. the people, the food, the feeling of being there. I can't wait to go back. 


June 7, 2018

keeler adventures // denmark (the faroes)

when we found out we were heading back to denmark for a wedding, we knew we wanted to add on a stop somewhere we hadn't yet been to keep things interesting. after some mild googling we landed on the faroe islands...a STUNNER of a place and a complete mystery to most. 

a jumble of otherworldly islands nestled halfway between Norway and Iceland, the faroes are an autonomous country within the kingdom of Denmark. more like a moonscape than real life, the 18 little volcanic islands that make up the faroes are unlike anything I've ever seen. 

days were spent wandering through misty mountain passes, up and over perfect green hills, laying on our backs in dark tunnels trying to "be the mountain", and pausing to stare at hundreds upon hundreds of waterfalls. allegedly, the faroes have more sheep than people (75k vs. 50k give or take) - and many of my favorite moments were spent standing still in spongy fields pretending to be part of their world. 

I can't say enough good things about these little islands in the north. the people are friendly (and crafty! when they weren't showing up on google street view, they created google sheep view. COME ON). the weather is charmingly temperamental. the sun doesn't set until 11pm. the tops of every home are grassy and wonderful. the puffins are abundant. 

just when you think the next stop can't possibly be more gorgeous than the one before, you're proven wrong. they sure make you work for it, but every step is one worth taking. 

here are some favorites if you're considering a trip (followed by one million sheep photos, naturally)... 

we based ourselves on the island of vágar in the picturesque (spoiler - they're all picturesque) village of sandavágur at this great little airbnb. it was steps from the water, tucked away, and everything we wanted. 

most shops, restaurants, etc. are located in tórshavn on streymoy. we loved eating at fútasova, Áarstova and toscana (pro tip, make dinner reservations no matter the day or time). we started every day with a perfect coffee at brell and ended every day grabbing beers in the broad daylight of night at mikkeller's newest outpost. find a grocery store and stock up - options are fairly limited! 

getting from island to island sometimes involves tunnels, other times boat ferries and at it's most exciting, helicopters. hours upon hours can (and should!) be spent meandering from island to island along the "buttercup routes". 

it couldn't be easier to navigate and fall in love with a place. the best memories were made without a real destination in mind - so go and see where the wind takes you! 

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