November 29, 2014

things I love (thanksgiving).

This year my parents called and nonchalantly said "hey, you should have US over for Thanksgiving" like it was no big deal. 

It was a big deal. 

Down one sister, it was just the three of us, so I got to work collecting everything I needed (my kitchen is still very much unstocked)borrowing things like my great grandma's roasting pan, and crossing my fingers that we didn't all end the night with food poisoning. Spoiler alert: everyone lived. 

One teeny tiny bird and 4,000,000 carbs later, it was pretty great, all things considered. 

We rounded out the night with a trip to the movies to see this. What a story. And that Eddie Redmayne. Man. 

This year I'm thankful for my people (related & otherwise) and having a home to gather them in. It's sort of the best. 


things I love (a great distraction // 19).

turn your instagrams into tattoos!

meow stop that. THE CUTEST.

what a sweet surprise.

these girls. so good. 


November 8, 2014

things I love (a great distraction // 18).

A new NPR Field Recording. Love. 

If you're not obsessed with this, you should be. 

The struggle is real

This would be the best thing. The BEST thing. 

Season five is out in this little web series. YES. 


October 19, 2014

things I love (a great distraction // 17).

these are the ways you love yourself.

my kind of Halloween tips.

but seriously. you are

fine dining. elementary school style. 

everything is better in motown


things I love (a #keeleradventures video).

Finally, a few minutes of fun from our trip to Denmark and Sweden. Enjoy! 


October 6, 2014

things I love (a great distraction // 16).

My childhood dreams have come true. 

Don't date a girl who travels

I could have used this a few time in college.

Why you SHOULD talk to strangers. 

September 28, 2014

places I love (#keeleradventures // london).

On the way home we found out we were flying through London. When your sister spends a year living there, it's hard to pass through without stopping in to give one of your favorite cities a hug. With less than 24 hours, we knew we had to make sure our visit packed a punch. Having been to London before (I think this was my 5th visit)our list was less about the "big" attractions (although a quick sprint to the Tower of London was in order) and more about some of the cool places we'd heard about. 

Rather than a list, here's what our (less than) 24 hours in London looked like. 

ACE Hotel Shoreditch I love a good hotel. so even though it was totally impractical, outside of central London and sort of spendy, it wasn't even a question when we decided to stay at the Ace. The hotel met all of our expectations with it's cool vibes, vibrant energy and killer design. I've stayed at the Ace in Portland (hey bunk beds!), and the brand never disappoints. 

Shoreditch Food Village when we pulled up nearing 10:30pm (thanks for holding my luggage hostage and killing precious time SAS/Heathrow!), the Shoreditch neighborhood of East London was buzzing. There were people pouring out of every bar and restaurant, our hotel was vibrating with the selections of a reggae DJ, and naturally, every restaurant had a 45 minute wait (at 11pm). Starving, we stumbled into a cool little tent housing some of the neighborhoods tastiest food stalls. 45 minute wait not included. 

Freebird Burritos once we found the glorious food village, we narrowed down our selections to Freebird Burritos. Set up like an indie Chipotle, the burritos were delicious, fast, and just what we wanted. Check 'em out! 

From there it was back to the lobby bar at the Ace for some epic people watching. 

Bulldog Edition coffee was a must - and Bulldog Edition in the hotel was perfect (although I failed to find quality cold brew anywhere in Europe!), with piles of breakfasty treats and great drinks (and the hippest baristas you've ever seen. 

Tower of London this is the perfect place for a great view of London, Tower Bridge, the Thames, etc. We lucked out because the city is in the middle of an evolving art instillation honoring the men and women lost in WWI through the placement of thousands of gorgeous ceramic poppies. 

Bill's Restaurant the perfect place for a great brunch, we loved this spot! 

Sketch full disclosure, this was the only thing I was really concerned with doing with our time in London. The photos I'd seen were straight out of a Wes Anderson daydream, and so reservations for high tea were a must. I can't describe the weird glory that this place embodies. You just have to go. Awash in powdery pink velvet, the dining room feels magic. And then you go to the bathroom. In a giant egg. That plays spacey sound effects. While french maids silently clean around you. Huh?! I know. Just go.