i love things. these are them.

April 22, 2015

things I love (a great distraction // 26).

happy earth day, friends. 

this is a thing. a delicious, delicious thing.

handy desk job tricks. did you know about all of these?

this has been making the rounds this week. do you have a moral bucket list?

ha! adorable.

travel goals

try to be more like meryl, ladies. 


April 12, 2015

things I love (a great distraction // 25).

adventure planning and wearing my saint christopher necklace

how did I not know about this? you guys. mind, blown. life, upgraded (also, the guy in the video...c'mon! hilarious).

laura's posts always get me thinking. who do you need approval from? 

one of life's most important lessons

a month without complaining. could you do it? 

the best movies of the decade. do you agree? 



March 31, 2015

things I love (a great distraction // 24).

I sort of love that these exist in NYC. would you live in one?

safety is so cute.

oh hanx.

agree, agree, agree.

so true. and so sad. let's get it together ladies!


March 15, 2015

things I love (an hour well spent).

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday while I'm catching up with life is listen to podcasts. There are lots of great ones. It's the perfect way to spend an hour maybe laughing, maybe learning, maybe getting some killer life advice. Here are three of my favorites (lately). 

Invisibilia. Man, this one's good. But for real, NPR doesn't really turn out BAD podcasts (hello, Serial!). Two cool gals got together and decided to share stories about things you can't see. Latin for "all the invisible things", Invisibilia is about the unseen forces that drive us - beliefs, ideas, assumptions, emotions. The first season is over, so now is the PERFECT time to catch up. Listen here.

Dear Sugar. Okay, by now, you've seen (and hopefully read) Wild. You probably loved it (I hope you loved it). Maybe you've done your Cheryl Strayed due diligence and found out about her time as part of anonymous advice columnist duo, Dear Sugar. Well, friends, the Sugars are back and delivering advice of the podcast variety, and it's good. Real good. Listen here. And once you've fallen in love, go ahead and buy Tiny Beautiful Things. A compilation of some of Strayed's most beautiful words. It's so good you'll loan it to friends and miss it while it's gone. 

The Nerdist. Who doesn't love a little geek talk? The Nerdist, hosted by comedian (and former Singled Out host) Chris Hardwick, is basically an hour of Hardwick and his nerdy friends chatting with someone more famous than them. Sometimes it's Bill Gates, sometimes it's Sleater-Kinney, sometimes it's Nick Kroll or Benedict Cumberbatch. And it's always good. Always. Listen here

March 13, 2015

things I love (a great distraction // 23).

this is amazing. and in phoenix!


it's not quite as funny when it's not britney spears.

let's find out.

the rules to binge watching. hilarious.


February 16, 2015

things I love (a great distraction // 22).

how to connect.

and fall in love

I'm doing this. Like this weekend. PS. Everything Laura writes is the best. THE BEST.

chick flicks. real talk.

be a better listener


February 7, 2015

Things I love (a great distraction // 21).

internet goodies! 

a trick to choosing wine.

ha! dreaming with Jeff.

travel where you live.

all your valentine's day stresses answered. 

weather and sass. perfect.

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