March 26, 2013

apps I love (printic).

I think by now, most of us end up taking nearly all of our photos on our phones. The problem with that (and really all digital media) is that we rarely go further than to instagram, post them on Facebook, or email them to a friend or two. 

I've tried a few different photo printing apps (Hipstaprint, Stickygrams, Postagram) but after one try, I didn't really go back. 

I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and clever design, so when I saw the Printic app and it's pretty orange envelopes and nice logo, I figured I'd give it a try. 

You select a photo (from your iPhone...or the app can pull from Facebook and Instagram too), and you pick how many copies you want, resize the image, etc. 

When you're ready, the app pulls contacts from your address book (bonus!), charges you 99 cents per print, and off your photos go in a cute little package, resembling those kitschy polaroids we all love. 

I got my photos in a couple days, and they looked great!  

A minor complaint - you have to order at least 3 photos per shipment. Not a big deal, the whole thing still comes in at under $2, but sometimes you just want one. 

Anyway, check them out, send a photo surprise to a friend! It's fun! :) 


March 24, 2013

bands I love (edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros).

It's a big move to pay to see a band more than once. 

Generally, at that point it's safe to say you are into their music. 

If that's any indication of fan-level, and I tell you I've seen Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros FIVE times (more than any other band), then you can conclude that I think they're pretty great. 

Once I saw them two weekends in a row. 

There's just something about them. A jam-band to the core, this ramshackle bunch of anywhere between 8-12 wonderfully talented people produces a sound that makes you love music. 

I was lucky enough to have them passing through town this weekend as part of the McDowell Mountain Music Festival. 

Their show is always epic. 

They never make a set list. 

They are guaranteed to dance. A lot. 

Sometimes they forget the words to songs in a way that only THEY can make charming. 

They often invite people on stage. 

During "Home" they almost always hand the mic to the crowd and ask them to "tell a story". 

It is, amazingly enough, almost always a great story that is told. 

They can be counted on to meander out into the middle of the crowd, no matter the size, and do a sing-a-long or drum circle at a moments notice. 

apologies in advance for my off-tune accompaniment. 

Sometimes they make everyone in the crowd sit down so they can come stand in the center and take a band photo. 

They rarely wear shoes. 

If you ever get the chance to see a show, don't think twice. Regardless of your musical preference, it's bound to be good. You're bound to dance. The music is bound to convince you that you love them. 

And I'm almost certain you'll pay to see them again. 

I Don't Wanna Pray. 



March 20, 2013

bands I love (air review).

photo from

I love hearing music from bands I don't know. 

The other day while I was grabbing a requisite morning coffee at Lux (who can always be counted on for playing great stuff), I heard a song I liked. After a little research, I found out the band was Air Review

photo from denver observer 

Flash forward a few hours and I've spent all day obsessing over their album, Low Wishes, at the office. "Young" and "America's Son" are favorites, but the whole album is fun, dreamy and cool. 

Check them out! 


March 16, 2013

people I love (happy birthday Lindsey!)

So it's this little nugget's birthday today! She may be off in another state soaking up sun and telling tennis players what to do, but I wanted to take a minute to celebrate! 

In honor of my favorite sister's 26th (!!!) birthday, here are 26 reasons she's the coolest: 

1. Since high school, she has only lived in the best places (Manhattan, London, and now Honolulu). 

2. Last year she went to Japan, Abu Dhabi and Nepal. Just for funsies. 

3. She let's me take her to crazy places like Salvation Mountain

4. She is the best Skyper ever. 

5. She's super smart. 

6. Her middle name is Eleanor. And she rocks it. 

7. She loves to travel (and one of these days we'll actually get to do it together!). 

8. She doesn't mind when I follow her around with a camera in her face all day. 

9. She trusts my taste in music without question, which has led to great moments like this, and this, and THIS

10. She loves Marfa as much as I do. 

11. She makes a mean strawberry shortcake. 

12. She's a great vintage shopping buddy. 

13. She's adventurous. 

14. She's pretty cute. 

15. She does crazy things like ride bikes 90 miles. 

16. She is a rock star at Glee Karaoke. Even if it means sacrificing a vocal chord. :) 

17. My friends think she's pretty great. 

18. She could kick your butt at tennis. 

19. She's kissed an elephant. 

20. She appreciates a trip to HP world. :) 

21. She would do anything for anyone she cares about. 

22. She's been featured on Woop!

23. She thinks I'm pretty cool. 

24. She's not afraid to do anything. 

25. She's really good at awkward dance dares. 

26. She's the best little sister. Ever. 

Happy, Happy, HAPPY Birthday to my favorite person ever. Can't wait to meet you in our favorite West Texas town for some proper celebrating. 



March 15, 2013

adventures in pasta making.

I was feeling adventurous last week and decided to try my hand at pasta making. Nothing fancy, just something I could make with my hands and a couple ingredients (since my kitchen tools are still pretty sparse!). I saw a delicious Mario Batali recipe and my mom was coming over for dinner, so I figured what the heck. 

MAKING the dough is super easy. Flour, water, BAM. 

SHAPING it into what I wanted was another story. Orrecchiette is meant to resemble little ears. Mine were more like Frisbees, but they were still delicious! 

Add a bunch of kale (instead of the broccoli rabe) and some spicy Italian sausage, and you've got a treat. 

I'll definitely try it again. Practice makes perfect! 


March 12, 2013

words I love (the call of the wild).

But can't you hear the Wild? It's calling you. 
Let us probe the silent places, let us seek what luck betide us; let us journey to a lonely land I know. 
There's a whisper on the night-wind, there's a star agleam to guide us;
And the Wild is calling, calling...let us go. 

- Robert Service

read the full poem here (The Call of the Wild). 

March 11, 2013

shops I love (frances).

Growing up in the East Valley, I didn't try very hard to find unique shops in town. That's why years later when I ventured out past Tempe and stumbled upon Frances, I was shocked to know such great places existed. 

At this point, I talk about Frances so much that I get at least one gift card for every major holiday. I take visitors there. I can identify employees by voice when I call with a question. It's safe to say they're my favorite. Hands down. 

Now with TWO locations (!!!), one in Medlock Plaza on Central and Camelback and one in the ever-hip Union at the Biltmore, there is even more reason to visit. I've even been known to hit up both locations in one day. 

When you love something, you commit. 

Frances stocks just about anything you would need to treat a friend (or yourself!) with something special. Handmade cards and crafts from local artists, the best indie magazines, home decor, vintage and new clothes, TOMS shoes in all shapes and sizes, and jewelry that would make anyone swoon. 

Don't even get me started on their holiday shop

They've branched out to start hosting small workshops and events, which is a perfect way to showcase their space and offer creative how-to's at the same time. Want to learn how to make a pom pom? Take a good photo? Plant an herb garden? Wrap a gift? Done. 

Next time you're looking for a gift or just looking to browse, visit one of their shops! Or check out their adorable blog

It's almost certain that you'll leave with a treasure! 



March 5, 2013

coffee I love (phx!).

After a few months living downtown, I've discovered that you can't throw a rock without hitting a different coffee spot. 

They are everywhere. And I love it. 

I venture out often to read a good book, people watch, enjoy a treat, or meet friends. 

So, in no particular order, here are some of my FAVORITE downtown Phoenix coffee spots. :) 


1. Lola Coffee 3rd Ave. 

2. Jobot Coffee 5th St. 

3. Songbird Coffee & Tea House Roosevelt St. 
*I REALLY like them. 

4. Lux Coffee Central Ave. 
*they're open super late, which I love. 

5. Fair Trade Cafe 1st Ave. (additional locations)

6. Shine Coffee Vernon Ave.

7. Cartel Coffee Lab 1st St. (additional locations) 

I have many more to stay tuned for updates! 


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