November 4, 2012

a drive in any direction is gorgeous and epic.

I don't remember how I heard about Marfa, TX. Probably some hip blog that made me insanely jealous.

I do remember that it was love at first sight. I have wanted to take a trip there every moment since then.

Three days before my sister moved to Hawaii, we packed our bags for one last adventure.

It was epic.

It started with a map of sorts.
Not a big one, just a scrap piece of paper and a pen.
Where to start?
We had dreamt of you for so long.
It almost didn't feel real to finally cross over the dusty town limits.

Mysterious lights, gemstones and pizza.
Artists take up residence.
And give the town it's life.

We found our "people" at El Cosmico.
Slept in a safari tent.
Took baths. Outside.

I thought visiting you would finally cure my urge.
Instead, it lit a fire to return that no number of visits will extinguish.


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  1. In love with Marfa. I mean who is your awesome sis that would join you on a such a rockin' road trip.

    ReplyDelete over there! Tell me what you think!

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