November 22, 2013

shops I love (bando).

You guys. I love I have more of their glittery goodness on my nightstand and sprinkled around my bedroom than I care to admit. Every time they have a sale, I can't resist. Sometimes I dream I have enough of their baubles to swim in them Scrooge McDuck style. I buy them for my fellow bridesmaids, for my mom, for my sister, for my best friends. 

They have an adorable blog, are inspiring on instagram and are just the a perfect way to brighten things up! 

Here are some of my absolute favorites that I can't get enough of. 

Check 'em out! 

and check out that fun gif I made at blogshop! woop. 
clockwise from top left: mini pom pom flower (I have it in blush, gold and off white), flurry pouf(hot pink!), mini hearts & the twist scarf. 



November 20, 2013


I've been crossing my fingers for a while hoping that someday Bri and Angela would bring blogshop to Phoenix. A couple weeks ago I took advantage of an even better opportunity and hopped up to Seattle to have some bff quality time and cross this class off my creative bucket list. 

I can't even begin to tell you all the info that is crammed in my head, in the margins of notebooks and scribbled on random scraps of paper. I learned more about photoshop magic in 10 minutes at blogshop than I did in 2 years of trying to "figure it out". And that studio. That city. That.Goodie.Bag. Guh. 

What a week. That's all. Being around such smart, creative gals was amazing. Maybe one of the best things I've ever done. And I've done some pretty great things. Forgive me now while I change up the layout of my slice of the internet daily as I play around. 



November 10, 2013

an adventure.

I'm off to the beautiful Emerald City to see my best gal and do a little bit of this (!!!!). Sometimes you just gotta do it. 


November 8, 2013

this. I cannot wait for this.

and even more, I cannot wait for the soundtrack. NPR is streaming it as a first listen, check it out


November 7, 2013

blogs I love (a little list) v.2

I have another list of epic blogs for you today friends! Who doesn't love to dive into some snazzy, fresh new reading materials!? 

Oh Joy! 
Joy's site is FULL of pretty things. I can't stop looking. And lets be honest, we'd all die to work/live/hideout in her epic new studio

Cupcakes & Cashmere 
Emily's stuff is always so, so good. I think I found her when I was drooling over some Max Wanger photos and saw her wedding. Heart shaped lawn? Stop it. 

Cup of Jo 
Joanna's blog was one of the first ones I ever read. It's consistently great and it's kept me hooked for years. Even to the point of completely embarrassing myself when I ran into her and her husband on a trip to NYC (fangirl!). 

Breakfast at Toast

I don't remember how I found Danielle's blog, but I immediately loved her style (and that adorable casted rescue pup!). She continues to be a favorite, and I'm a superfan of her newest venture, the everygirl

Emily Henderson
If you love pretty things, you'll love Emily Henderson. I was obsessed with she was on HGTV Design Star, and when she hosted Secrets of a Stylist, and now reading about her thrifting skills (she's a craigslist wiz!) and house adventures is one of my favorite things to do. 


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