May 21, 2013

hotels I love (the nolitan).

I'm not too picky about hotels. 

I've stayed in rooms where I have a menu of available pillows. 

Where 95% of the lights aren't working. 

Where you wake up to the most beautiful view of Big Sur you can imagine. 

Rooms on water. Rooms on stilts. Rooms attached to the back of some lady's Vietnamese hut. 

Hostels in Paris with smells you've never experienced before. 

Rooms where you sleep in bunk beds. 

Where you don't have a "door" or really a "mattress" and your "roommates" are river snakes and lizards. 

Each one an adventure. 

But I am a sucker for a beautiful, creative space. 

A big sucker. 

I booked a couple nights at The Nolitan in the (you guessed it) Nolita neighborhood of lower Manhattan, knowing nothing other than I needed a place to stay, sort of near NYU, and in a "fun" part of town. 

It quickly became one of my favorites. 

I was welcomed with wine and snacks, and everyone was friendly, smart, and totally helpful about the neighborhood. It bears repeating. Wine. and Snacks. 

My room, while COZY in size, made up for it with bright, creative and playful design, furniture I lusted after and a KILLER view. 

It came with great treats like awesome bath products (who doesn't judge a hotel by the quality of their bath swag!?), free slippers, an iPod dock, a yoga mat, etc. 

Every afternoon the hotel offers happy hour, where guests can hang out in the lobby, have snacks and make friends. And the lobby comes equipped with board games, books, and great design, all snuggled into a homage to the epic 1970's conversation pit. 

If you're brave enough to take on the NYC streets, the Nolitan offers skateboard and bike rentals. 

Long story short, it's a pretty cool place. And the neighborhood is one I quickly fell in love with. 

So consider tucking yourself in at The Nolitan the next time you're in the big apple. Maybe hop on a skateboard. Play some Sorry with a friend. It'll be fun. Pinky swear. 


May 20, 2013

places I love (new york).

New York. 

You get me every time. 

Your bright, intense, buzzing life. 

Your beautiful buildings, parks, bridges, alleys, neighborhoods, people. 

Your spicy flavor. 

Your creative spirit. 

Your delicious, amazing food. 

Everything about you is perfect. 

You may be loud, and a little abrasive, but you hold a magic in your skyline that is unlike any other place in this world. 

I got the chance to visit for work and turn my trip into a long weekend with two of my very best friends. As we're all on completely opposite sides of the country, it was perfect. Sharing some (lots) photos! Links to some great places to stay, eat and drink are at the bottom. 

On my flight into the city I finished The Rules of Civility by Amor Towles, and he said it best: 

"For however inhospitable the wind, from this vantage point Manhattan was simply so improbable, so wonderful, so obviously full of promise - that you wanted to approach it for the rest of your life without ever quite arriving." 


The Nolitan (a longer post about that later this week!) 
The Millennium Hilton 


Manon (more on you later too!) 
Shake Shack (like that's even a choice) 
The Butcher's Daughter 


Standard Biergarten 
The Silver Lining 



May 15, 2013

snaps from a (mother's day) weekend.

Last weekend I had my parents over for a little brunch celebrating this lovely lady. Happy Mother's Day to one super great woman! 

For those who's what was on the menu! 


May 8, 2013

shops I love (baublebar).

I have my fair share of vices. 

Jewelry shopping is firmly planted in the top five. 

So when I found a website that sells piles and piles of gems for much better prices than some of my favorite go to's (I'm looking at you and your $150 bubble necklace j.crew!), I quickly memorized my credit card number and became a loyal supporter. 

BaubleBar is an online shop dedicated to overwhelming the senses with sparkly, beautiful pieces. I could spend HOURS (and have!) clicking from page to page. They sell jewels in every shape, size and color, from giant, ornate statement necklaces (that's me!) to dainty, delicate monogrammed treats. 

They partner with well-known designers like Gorjana on limited edition designs and ask popular bloggers like Honestly...WTF to curate shops. They add new pieces all the time, and every one is equally lust worthy. 

Delivery is fast and treasures come wrapped in velvety little bags for safekeeping and easy storage. I highly recommend creating an account, because you collect points as you shop that you can use for discounts on future orders. 

Whenever I wear a BaubleBar gem, I inveitably find myself in a conversation about where I got it. 

Take a look. I'm positive you'll find yourself a treasure. 



May 6, 2013

shops I love (frances turns 7!).

Well Arizona, summer is upon us. Like it or not! We can pout and spend the next five months catching up on Bravo or we can embrace it, get outside and celebrate our lovely city! 

My friends at frances, an epic boutique with locations in central Phoenix and now Union at the Biltmore, welcomed summer with a weekend celebrating their 7th anniversary. And man, do they know how to throw a party. 

Bands played. 

Food trucks poured in serving pizza and pie and amazing hot dogs
Each day hosted new trunk shows, artists and giveaways. 
The Shine Project shared their story and sold their gems. 
Mr. Softee was there with summer's favorite treat. 
And they launched an adorable seasonal magazine (that featured one of my instagram pics!). 

It was the perfect way to spend the weekend. 

Congrats on 7 years, frances! Can't wait to see what has happened after 7 more! 

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