November 29, 2014

things I love (thanksgiving).

This year my parents called and nonchalantly said "hey, you should have US over for Thanksgiving" like it was no big deal. 

It was a big deal. 

Down one sister, it was just the three of us, so I got to work collecting everything I needed (my kitchen is still very much unstocked)borrowing things like my great grandma's roasting pan, and crossing my fingers that we didn't all end the night with food poisoning. Spoiler alert: everyone lived. 

One teeny tiny bird and 4,000,000 carbs later, it was pretty great, all things considered. 

We rounded out the night with a trip to the movies to see this. What a story. And that Eddie Redmayne. Man. 

This year I'm thankful for my people (related & otherwise) and having a home to gather them in. It's sort of the best. 


things I love (a great distraction // 19).

turn your instagrams into tattoos!

meow stop that. THE CUTEST.

what a sweet surprise.

these girls. so good. 


November 8, 2014

things I love (a great distraction // 18).

A new NPR Field Recording. Love. 

If you're not obsessed with this, you should be. 

The struggle is real

This would be the best thing. The BEST thing. 

Season five is out in this little web series. YES. 

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