March 5, 2013

coffee I love (phx!).

After a few months living downtown, I've discovered that you can't throw a rock without hitting a different coffee spot. 

They are everywhere. And I love it. 

I venture out often to read a good book, people watch, enjoy a treat, or meet friends. 

So, in no particular order, here are some of my FAVORITE downtown Phoenix coffee spots. :) 


1. Lola Coffee 3rd Ave. 

2. Jobot Coffee 5th St. 

3. Songbird Coffee & Tea House Roosevelt St. 
*I REALLY like them. 

4. Lux Coffee Central Ave. 
*they're open super late, which I love. 

5. Fair Trade Cafe 1st Ave. (additional locations)

6. Shine Coffee Vernon Ave.

7. Cartel Coffee Lab 1st St. (additional locations) 

I have many more to stay tuned for updates! 




  1. Replies
    1. I haven't! Is that the place on McDowell and 3rd? I always pass it!

  2. Where's a Songbird picture?

    1. Haha, I did a whole post about Songbird and I didn't want to reuse those photos. updated to reflect my love for Songbird (and now includes a photo). :)

  3. I wish Hob Nobs would ged rid of their God-awful signs (LUNCH, BREAKFAST, EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN). It's such a cool building, but the lackluster advertising makes it look trashy. Also, they don't have enough electrical outlets.

    ReplyDelete over there! Tell me what you think!

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