February 28, 2013

that time my favorite festival came calling.

I love Newport. You know that. I know that. Let's be honest...I'll tell anyone who will listen all about it's wonder. That probably means I've told you. 


So my heart swelled when the Folk reached out to me after reading this post

They were looking for folks who share their love of the festival to help them introduce the 2013 lineup. 

And they asked me.

photo from npr.org 

Hey Marseilles is a band I've known about for a while. They are a perfect fit for Newport's summery, folky sound. Knowing that they will be there makes it even harder to know that I won't. 

But, I'm there in spirit. 

And I'm so very proud to help announce that they'll be taking the Newport stage this year. 

Read my introduction here

And let's be honest...a band that makes something like this is probably a band I'm going to fall in love with. 

folk on. 


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