February 3, 2013

shops I love (stinkweeds).

I'll admit it. I've got an iTunes library that puts most to shame. I can't get a cute tiny iPod because I'm carrying around a classic 160GB model. I buy a lot of music online. Like a lot. 

But there's something so special about going into your local record store and hanging out for a while.

It's one of my favorite things to do. Maybe it's because this will always be one of my favorite movies. 

Sitting on a stool and wearing headphones worn by a million other music fans to check out new releases.

Getting to know the helpful staff who always know more about bands than you could ever hope to.  

Spending an hour there with nothing particular in mind, and leaving with something great from a band you've never heard of. 

Phoenix is so lucky to have such a place in Stinkweeds. Tucked away in Medlock Plaza, Stinkweeds is one of my favorite spots in town. Why? 

The staff is friendly and knows their stuff.

I always leave having discovered a new favorite.
They wholeheartedly support local music. 
They coordinate great events like this one. And this one
It's full of character. 

Plus...they sell cash tickets to all the best local shows without that pesky processing fee (jackpot!). 

Check them out. Buy something new. Enjoy!



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  1. thanks lauren! we love you too :) -stinkweeds


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