March 26, 2013

apps I love (printic).

I think by now, most of us end up taking nearly all of our photos on our phones. The problem with that (and really all digital media) is that we rarely go further than to instagram, post them on Facebook, or email them to a friend or two. 

I've tried a few different photo printing apps (Hipstaprint, Stickygrams, Postagram) but after one try, I didn't really go back. 

I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and clever design, so when I saw the Printic app and it's pretty orange envelopes and nice logo, I figured I'd give it a try. 

You select a photo (from your iPhone...or the app can pull from Facebook and Instagram too), and you pick how many copies you want, resize the image, etc. 

When you're ready, the app pulls contacts from your address book (bonus!), charges you 99 cents per print, and off your photos go in a cute little package, resembling those kitschy polaroids we all love. 

I got my photos in a couple days, and they looked great!  

A minor complaint - you have to order at least 3 photos per shipment. Not a big deal, the whole thing still comes in at under $2, but sometimes you just want one. 

Anyway, check them out, send a photo surprise to a friend! It's fun! :) 


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