April 1, 2013

places I love (big sur).

Big Sur. 

We wanted trees. 
Big ones. 
EPIC ones. 

So we headed north. 

Way north. 

A world away from the desert, we explored your winding cliffs. 

Dissappeared in your misty fog. 
Relished in the scent of pine and ocean and earth.

Played fireside jenga. 

Met baby seals in the sand. 
Soaked in the darkness with strangers. 

Blew bubblegum memories. 

Took 10,000 pictures. 
and relaxed in a yurt in the sky. 

Found the most beautiful waterfall. 
The most beautiful library. 
The most beautiful beach. 
The most beautiful days. 

Ate waffles in party hats. 

Laughed about eye patches and insects. 
Told grand stories.

Planned our next adventure. 




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