April 16, 2013

places I REALLY love (marfa).

Okay, I know. Marfa's weird. 

It's not a place for everybody. Or even MOST people. But this dusty town nestled away in the WIDE OPEN desert of West Texas has a special place in my heart. 

A quick flight and a three hour drive will transport you to another world. A world where there are fewer residents than there were kids at my high school. 

A world where artists and cowboys cheerfully coexist and even depend on each other. 

A world where things close at 9, there's one stop light and everything you need can be found at The Get Go. 

A world where a food shark is king. 

It sounds strange. People wonder what the draw is. My mom is STILL confused about why I went once, let alone a second (and maybe third?) time. 

You don't get it until you get there. 

And then you do. 

It's a place like no other, where you can...

Drink beers in an old school bus

Relax in a hammock forest. 

Search the horizon for the Marfa Mystery Lights

Participate in a Wayne's World Quote-a-Long. 

Accept invites to a stranger/email penpal's house for gourmet handmade coffee, cookies, a tour & shameless Courtney Does Dallas bashing. 

Recognize all the local employees and characters. 

Eat at food shark. Eat at food shark again. 

Sleep in a teepee

Spend hours doing nothing but wandering around. And love it. 

Maybe it takes being a little bit weird yourself to appreciate it. 

And I'm cool with that. 

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