March 16, 2013

people I love (happy birthday Lindsey!)

So it's this little nugget's birthday today! She may be off in another state soaking up sun and telling tennis players what to do, but I wanted to take a minute to celebrate! 

In honor of my favorite sister's 26th (!!!) birthday, here are 26 reasons she's the coolest: 

1. Since high school, she has only lived in the best places (Manhattan, London, and now Honolulu). 

2. Last year she went to Japan, Abu Dhabi and Nepal. Just for funsies. 

3. She let's me take her to crazy places like Salvation Mountain

4. She is the best Skyper ever. 

5. She's super smart. 

6. Her middle name is Eleanor. And she rocks it. 

7. She loves to travel (and one of these days we'll actually get to do it together!). 

8. She doesn't mind when I follow her around with a camera in her face all day. 

9. She trusts my taste in music without question, which has led to great moments like this, and this, and THIS

10. She loves Marfa as much as I do. 

11. She makes a mean strawberry shortcake. 

12. She's a great vintage shopping buddy. 

13. She's adventurous. 

14. She's pretty cute. 

15. She does crazy things like ride bikes 90 miles. 

16. She is a rock star at Glee Karaoke. Even if it means sacrificing a vocal chord. :) 

17. My friends think she's pretty great. 

18. She could kick your butt at tennis. 

19. She's kissed an elephant. 

20. She appreciates a trip to HP world. :) 

21. She would do anything for anyone she cares about. 

22. She's been featured on Woop!

23. She thinks I'm pretty cool. 

24. She's not afraid to do anything. 

25. She's really good at awkward dance dares. 

26. She's the best little sister. Ever. 

Happy, Happy, HAPPY Birthday to my favorite person ever. Can't wait to meet you in our favorite West Texas town for some proper celebrating. 



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  1. I love this Lauren!!!!!! Sisters are the bestest!

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