March 24, 2013

bands I love (edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros).

It's a big move to pay to see a band more than once. 

Generally, at that point it's safe to say you are into their music. 

If that's any indication of fan-level, and I tell you I've seen Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros FIVE times (more than any other band), then you can conclude that I think they're pretty great. 

Once I saw them two weekends in a row. 

There's just something about them. A jam-band to the core, this ramshackle bunch of anywhere between 8-12 wonderfully talented people produces a sound that makes you love music. 

I was lucky enough to have them passing through town this weekend as part of the McDowell Mountain Music Festival. 

Their show is always epic. 

They never make a set list. 

They are guaranteed to dance. A lot. 

Sometimes they forget the words to songs in a way that only THEY can make charming. 

They often invite people on stage. 

During "Home" they almost always hand the mic to the crowd and ask them to "tell a story". 

It is, amazingly enough, almost always a great story that is told. 

They can be counted on to meander out into the middle of the crowd, no matter the size, and do a sing-a-long or drum circle at a moments notice. 

apologies in advance for my off-tune accompaniment. 

Sometimes they make everyone in the crowd sit down so they can come stand in the center and take a band photo. 

They rarely wear shoes. 

If you ever get the chance to see a show, don't think twice. Regardless of your musical preference, it's bound to be good. You're bound to dance. The music is bound to convince you that you love them. 

And I'm almost certain you'll pay to see them again. 

I Don't Wanna Pray. 



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