May 20, 2013

places I love (new york).

New York. 

You get me every time. 

Your bright, intense, buzzing life. 

Your beautiful buildings, parks, bridges, alleys, neighborhoods, people. 

Your spicy flavor. 

Your creative spirit. 

Your delicious, amazing food. 

Everything about you is perfect. 

You may be loud, and a little abrasive, but you hold a magic in your skyline that is unlike any other place in this world. 

I got the chance to visit for work and turn my trip into a long weekend with two of my very best friends. As we're all on completely opposite sides of the country, it was perfect. Sharing some (lots) photos! Links to some great places to stay, eat and drink are at the bottom. 

On my flight into the city I finished The Rules of Civility by Amor Towles, and he said it best: 

"For however inhospitable the wind, from this vantage point Manhattan was simply so improbable, so wonderful, so obviously full of promise - that you wanted to approach it for the rest of your life without ever quite arriving." 


The Nolitan (a longer post about that later this week!) 
The Millennium Hilton 


Manon (more on you later too!) 
Shake Shack (like that's even a choice) 
The Butcher's Daughter 


Standard Biergarten 
The Silver Lining 



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