June 28, 2013

a list (5 things to do to avoid spontaneously combusting in phoenix this weekend).

Okay, okay. We get it. It's hot in Phoenix. Like all the time. And it's going to be REALLY hot this weekend. So hot that my instagram feed has been completely overrun with photos of temperature gauges. 

But there are worse things. We could be snowed in. It could be 100% humidity. We could be stuck on a cross country road trip with three kids, a dog and a swamp cooler (been there). 

So, in an effort to ensure my friends don't dissapear in a poof of fiery fury, here are five ways to spend your weekend. Inside. And not melting to death. 

Go to a movie. And when I say "a movie", I really mean this one. It's really, really good. And it makes you yearn for the woods. It's playing at Camelview. And it stars Nick Offerman. Worth it. 

Check out the Phoenix Art Museum. It's totally underrated and wonderful, and the current exhibition celebrates the art of videogames. Go relive the childhood angst caused by yoshi's lack of opposable thumbs and inability to climb things and spend a day exploring one of my favorite places. 

Relax. The Hotel Valley Ho has an awesome Sunday summer spa deal (90 minutes of treatments and a cocktail, plus access to the pool all day for $99). Trust me. It's wonderful. 

Grab a cold one (or two, or three). The Phoenix Ale Brewery is a great spot to try some great locally brewed beer, have a snack, and learn about the process. 

Head for the hills! If nothing else, pack a snack, grab a book and a blanket and head north. Prescott and Flagstaff have great places to cool off and enjoy some sunshine without the ambience of an oven. 



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