August 8, 2013

places I love (all of them).

I love an adventure. 

I'd rather spend my extra $$ on a weekend road trip, an overseas adventure or exploring a new local corner than just about anything else. 

As we start to plan out our Christmas trip to Thailand, I've got travel on the brain, and every spare moment is spent daydreaming about all the places I still need to experience.

The world is a big, big place.  

I've tried my hardest to make travel important, and I grew up with parents who totally supported that idea. I've gotten to wander around in all kinds of cool places: Nearly all the states in the US (I'm coming for you Alaska!), Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, Vietnam, South Korea, the UK, France, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Turkey and Switzerland. And they were all different and wonderful and exciting. 

They all made me wish so hard that I could stay forever and made me yearn for the next place at the same time. 

My list is ever-expanding (and I hope I never run out of places to dream about), but here are 5 adventures I'm daydreaming about today: 

1. Morocco 

2. Cuba 
3. Alaska 
4. India 
5. A return trip to Greece

Where are you dreaming about? 



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