August 5, 2013

things I love (a good old ice cream throw down!).

I scream, you scream... 

It's hot in Arizona. Like really, really hot. 

So to beat the heat and stay sane, we have to get creative. This past weekend I hosted our inaugural Ice Cream Throw Down. It was a little bit drippy and ice cream making turned out to be more than a little bit stressful, but we ended up with some delicious treats and an excuse to get together. 

All my friends channeled their inner Top Chef and showed up with some great flavors. We had everything from a simple vanilla to salted caramel to coconut/macadamia nut/chai and apricot ale/beer nut concoctions. 

Needless to say, we had a great time sampling (and rating) all the flavors. 

Can't wait for the next food challenge! 

Here's a little video (and an onslaught of photos). 



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