August 14, 2013

things I love (good AZ jams).

Over the weekend, I saw a tweet from my favorite place to buy music, about a contest to win tickets to a show at the Musical Instrument Museum. I didn't really look at what the show was, but I like the MIM and I trust that Stinkweeds wouldn't steer me wrong, so I thew my name in the hat. 

And I won. 

Tuesday came around, and I had a whole host of reasons why I didn't want to go (it was hot, I didn't buy the tickets so what was I losing, the MIM was far, I was tired, blah blah blah). Thankfully my dad said he really wanted to check it out, so I sucked it up and off we went. 

I'm so, so glad. 

We found ourselves at the Arizona Singer/Songwriter Showcase. Four of Phoenix's best musicians treated us to a night of chatty, sometimes messy music that was absolutely wonderful. It might have been one of the top five things I've done in Arizona. 


It was such a great reminder of the talent that lives in this dusty state, and all four of them played music I would go to see again. And again. 

We heard from Mat Weddle, otherwise known as Obadiah Parker who blew up when his acoustic version of "Hey Ya" hit the world a few years ago, Brian Chartrand, Matthew Thornton (one half of the local duo Vinyl Station) & Jay Allan

The beautiful theater at the MIM sealed the deal. 

Every day more and more bands stop in Phoenix to play shows (which is amazing!!), but if this show taught me anything, it's not to forget about the wonderful music we have at our fingertips every day. 

Mat Weddle (Obadiah Parker) covering Let's Stay Together. 

The group coming together to sing Brian Chartrand's Barrelman. 


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