October 16, 2015

things I love (PODCASTS!)

maybe it's because I love road trips and long flights, but I can't get enough of a good podcast. sharing a few new ones I've been captivated by today, in the hopes that you'll find a great story in there for yourself. see other favorites here and here.

mortified. this one is hilarious. I'm so tempted to put a dinner party together and require that my friends bring their childhood journals for dramatic readings. essentially, mortified events are held all over the country, and this recorded podcast brings them to you. participants get on stage and read, word for embarrassing word, entries from old journals, letters, etc. I've never gotten through one without laughing out loud. neither will you. trust me. 

off camera. sam jones is a talented and well-known photographer who created this show/magazine/podcast and sits down for great conversations with all kinds of artists (actors, directors, musicians, writers, etc.). it's consistently one of my favorites, somehow he finds a way to make whoever he's talking to super comfortable, which results in a killer interview. if you need somewhere to start, Dax Shephard, Jon Hamm & Ellen Page are some favorites. check it out! 

magic lessons. author elizabeth gilbert (of the wonderful eat, pray, love) launched magic lessons to compliment her recent book. every session, gilbert takes questions from readers and chats with her superstar friends about creative challenges, what to do when you're stuck, and so much more. the podcasts are short, sweet, and always leave me feeling more than a little invigorated. 


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