December 12, 2013

things I love (story time).

A few years ago I started listening to the This American Life series on NPR and was instantly hooked. They pick a theme each week and tell a few stories pertaining to that theme. It's always really interesting...I generally learn something new...and it's a great way to get through long flights/drives/work days. 

The newest ones were always available to download on iTunes, but when I plowed through them in a few days I thought I'd have to patiently wait to hear a new one each week. 

Until I discovered they had an app. With over 500 shows, you will likely never run out of great episodes to listen to. The app has ALL the past episodes archived and available to stream. It's sort of the best thing ever. 

Next time you have an hour, check one out. After one, I PROMISE you'll want to listen to all of them. Here are a few of my very favorites so far to get you started... 

510: Fiasco! 

414: Right to Remain Silent
509: It Says So Right Here 
505: Use Only As Directed 
504: How I Got Into College 
494: Hit the Road
487-488: Harper High School 
478: Red State Blue State
466: Blackjack  




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