December 7, 2013

places I love (joshua tree pt. 2).

After some Palm Springs exploring we were off deeper into the desert for our REAL weekend adventure. 

I had seen this amazing airbnb treasure a while back on someone's instagram and knew we HAD to get there. Jay and Stephanie's homesteader cabin has become increasingly popular (and I can see why) so when it was available over Thanksgiving we didn't hesitate for a second. 

The weekend was exactly I had hoped. Wine in mugs, reading great books, a weird indie movie or two on Netflix, dirt roads, exploring the park, wandering around town, EPIC views, cold weather, campfires, s'mores, and sunsets to great playlists. 

It's a place I'll definitely go again. And again. 

If you are ever within 500 miles of Joshua Tree, go. No matter what. 


 ^^the most wonderful cabin you ever did see.^^


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