December 3, 2013

things I love (stuffing & pie).

You guys. How is it holiday season already? I feel like I just finished winding down from last year's festivities. It's the perfect time of year in Arizona, when it finally starts to cool off and feel like fall, family and friends all come back home for visits, and you can spend an entire day in the kitchen chatting and cooking. Which is exactly what my family did. 

I made this killer stuffing (I used ground sweet italian sausage instead and about 1/4 loaf less of the bread) me it's perfection. My sister defied logic and made the most beautiful pie I've ever seen (and it was her first pie...ever). We played cards, told stories and had a really, really great day. 

Thanksgiving might be one of my favorite holidays. It's always such a treat to have everyone you love together sharing stories and delicious food. 

I hope yours was filled with only good things. Happy Holidays! 


^^so what if I'm the weird one in the family that jumps up mid-meal to run out front and take a photo of a special moment. you'll thank me later.^^

^^the epic pie.^^

^^turkey comas all around.^^

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  1. LOVE the Turkey Hats! I almost bought those too, for me and my sis :o) Cute!

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