October 12, 2015

things I love (LADYWEEKENDS).

A couple weeks ago, some of my favorite ladyfriends and I headed up to seattle for some much needed girl time and some cooler weather (note: it is NOT fall in AZ yet, no matter how many pumpkin spice lattes you consume). 

I always joke that we can't get a happy hour on the calendar, but pick a weekend to go out of town and everyone's got a flight booked before I've hit send on the group text. 

Our weekend was full of great girl talk, strolling around town & out of control plaid. 

Favorites included drinking here, boating here, and ODing on cheese here

Girlfriends are my people. I couldn't be more fortunate to know such smart, cool and generous women who are all thriving and different and wonderful. Ladies I look up to and learn from and laugh with. I've known some of them for 20+ years and that fact alone is rare and worth celebrating. 

I've got a good thing going with this group, and I can't get enough of them. Here's to a thousand more days like these. XO.


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