December 13, 2015

places I love (nicaragua // san juan del sur).


everything about it was vibrant. 

people, beaches, sunsets, cocktails. 

but mostly the walls. oh, the walls. blues, greens, purples, pinks. my beige colored arizona brain could barely take it all in. how could a place filled with so much color ever be anything less than wholly buzzing with good vibes? 

everywhere we went. music. laughter. yucca. YUCCA.

because I took one million photos, and because I like to ramble, the story will come in three parts - one for each place we stayed. 

our first four nights were spent in San Juan Del Sur. down a dirt road, up a menacing hill, tucked perfectly away in the jungle. 

five days of swimming, wandering, consuming all.the.tacos. surfing (at least the braver of us). bare feet. howler monkey wake up calls. ceviche. all day. 

we catamaran'd here with a rag tag bunch of texans. watched the sunset from the middle of the ocean. we grabbed beers here and tacos here. slept here & here. practiced spanish with everybody. mostly, we just took our time. 

I could talk for days about the wonderful people we met. at the hulakai, a beautiful, 9 room (so far!) hotel on a hill I will tell everyone I know to stay at, we practically wedding crashed and spent three nights as the only guests who weren't friends or family of the bride and groom. dinner was served family style most evenings - and chatting with the epic (and widely different) bunch of folks gathered every night was something to be remembered. 

after all, that's what adventures are for. 



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  1. LOVE!!! Beautiful as always!! <3 Glad you're in some of these pictures ;o) #behindthelense

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