December 16, 2015

places I love (nicaragua // isleta el espino).

lago de nicaragua, the largest lake in central america, is speckled with islands. most travelers head off to omatepe, a beautiful place home to beaches, volcanoes, and adventures. 

looking for something a little less crowded, we met franklin and his tiny boat at the marina and headed to isleta el espino for the night. and it was magic. 

places like this exist only in dreams. smaller than my childhood backyard, isleta el espino is a private island with a beautiful three room hotel. we were greeted by the entire staff (all 5 of them), given a tour and then left to explore. 

the freshwater pool looks over an active volcano. boats carrying fishermen meander by slowly. everything seems to take it easy around here. 

travelers in the know come over by boat to the island for dinner - and it doesn't disappoint. some of the best food I've ever had came from a tiny kitchen manned by two. 

the hotel itself was gorgeous and simple, and the staff was warm and welcoming. 

it was us and two other guests - and when the staff left at 7pm to head home for the night, it felt like we were being let in on a little secret. 

after a massage and a delicious breakfast, they practically had to drag us back to reality and off to granada. good news was, it wouldn't be long before one mind blowing spot was replaced by another... 


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