May 23, 2017

places I love (south africa // durban)

we started our adventure with a bang, and after wrapping up a whirlwind of safari we drove to coastal durban to spend the night before our flight to cape town the next morning. 

originally we had taken a chance and booked a random guest house we found online, but at the last minute we switched up our plans and decided to treat ourselves to a night at the oyster box

the beautiful hotel is perched on the umhlanga beachfront along the indian ocean (!!) and is home to durban's iconic light house. everything about the oyster box feels like a trip back in time to an era of Indian magic. 

the breakfast buffet is what legends are built on. there are employees armed with squirt guns who's sole job is to scare monkeys away from diners. there is garden after garden after garden. the waves crash with such force you can hear them from your room. the uniforms alone make it worth a visit. 

admittedly, the hotel was so perfect we never got the chance to wander out and see what else durban had to offer (with the exception of a lovely beach walk). so we'll have to come back! 

the whole thing felt like a hazy candy cane colored daydream and the perfect way to wash off a week's worth of dust. 

if you're ever in durban, treat yourself to a little trip back in time at this wonderful place. xx 


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