April 13, 2017

places I love (marfa // round 4).

marfa, tx. 

I don't need an excuse to visit you. ever.

but when friends end up living in austin for a moment, and have other friends from way up north who've never been, flights are booked and cars are packed and bags full of flair and activities and treats are loaded up (maybe that's just me) and we're off. 

there were birthdays to celebrate and adventures to be had. 

party hats were worn. random musicians met. 

everything and nothing has changed since my last visit. 

favorite food trucks and late night sandwich havens have been replaced with new finds. 

good news is, at your core, you're still the same. weird and wonderful and tiny and like a secret you can drive right by if you're not careful. 

we stayed here - in the safari tents. SOMEDAY I'll pick a weekend where all the yurts, trailers and teepees aren't booked. 

we stopped at the usual favorites like freda, moonlight gemstonesmarfa book company + cobra rock...and shopped for new treasures at mano

staples for snacks like pizza foundation + food shark were a given, but new places like do your thing coffee (the TOAST!) and stellina were perfection. 

go. go. go. just don't blink or you'll miss it. 


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