August 22, 2016

places I love (seattle // lopez island)

hello? anyone remember me? I'm finally getting my act together and thought it was time to catch up on some recent adventures. first up - a trip to the PNW to visit a good one. unicorn hunts, donuts and seattle wanderings ensued. 

but then. 

after nearly a dozen trips to the emerald city, expanding our footprint was on the agenda. 

we headed a few hours and a ferry ride out of town and landed on lopez island. the third largest of the san juan islands, lopez is known for rolling, slow country life - perfect for bikes and naps and taking it easy. 

we stayed in this adorable collection of cabins that was perfection. 
bikes were waiting for us, dropped off before we got there by village cycles
we had treats (along with the rest of town) here + had dinner here

every single local we passed waved and smiled. we saw more bunnies in 24 hours than we've probably seen in our whole lives (they are a local fave). 

it was awesome. you should go. 


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