June 5, 2016

places I love (madrid).

let's talk about madrid. just about every time I told someone we were ending our adventures in spain, I got "ooooh! barcelona!". 

nope. it's not a stretch to say that I got underwhelming responses when I said we were going to madrid. 

my expectations weren't high going into the capital city. 

good news is, I fell in love with madrid the moment I saw her. 

maybe it was the flowing wine after a dry morocco. 

maybe it was the tapas that magically appeared whenever we sat down. 

maybe it was finally three straight days of sunshine after so. much. rain. 

it was definitely the quirky neighborhoods, sprawling parks and amazing food. 

it was definitely the sunsets, the communication barriers that forced us to use hand signals and smiles and the churros. 

it was definitely fresh berries on a park bench, the best meal we ever stood at a counter for + stumbling across a festival full of old timey outfits and charm. 

for a million reasons, madrid was perfection. 

I can't wait to go back and give her the attention she so deserves. 

without further ado, some favorites. 

we stayed here, and loved it. easy to get to/from, friendly staff, and it's real cute. 

stop by pum pum cafe for breakfast and delicious coffee (one of my favorite stops of the trip). 

grab a drink at bar galleta (or really, any place in it's adorable hood), tipos infames (wine + books, together), el b_us

eat all the churros at chocolateria san gine. ALLOFTHEM. 

grab the city's best tostas at jurucha (this was a gem! you stand at the counter to eat, and point at what looks good to order) + be sure to save at least one of your meals for wandering around mercado de san miguel (we went twice it was so good). all your foodie dreams will come true. 

visit the el rastro neighborhood (especially on flea market day!). have breakfast at el secuestrador de besos, wander around, and save time to look around at mercado de la cebada (an old market reimagined with everything from DJ's to ham to art projects). 

if the weather's nice, grab a blanket and some snacks and head to parque del retiro (a highlight!). 

it's worth the euros to head to circulo de bellas artes + spend a sunset on their rooftop bar. the views are exceptional and the crowd is great. skip the food, but grab a drink and a prime spot! it's definitely a great way to end your adventures! 


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