August 20, 2015

things I love (when bff's get married).

this girl. 
about a year ago, she popped a sassy little card in the mail and asked me to be her maid of honor. 
like it was even a question. 

over the last 12 months, we've done lots of celebrating. 
micro-showers in phoenix. 
sequin city in vegas. 

and finally, this august, a killer wedding in the colorado mountains. 
it was epic. 
the weather was perfect. 
all my favorite lumberjacks were in town. 
I got to share maid duties with the best girls around.
shaky toasts were given (me)! 
the bride and groom performed a song they wrote. 
there was a most-excellent journey circle.
& we danced. like it was going out of style.

in my toast I wished them a life together of adventure and laughter: 

I won’t wish for you a perfect life, because nothing perfect is interesting, nothing worth it is easy and the journey is what gives this life meaning and value. Instead, I wish for you a life full of laughter, new traditions and adventures, both near and far. A life that’s a little bit messy, a lot of fun, and held together by a commitment to dive head first, hand in hand, into whatever lies ahead.

and they most certainly kicked it off with a bang. 

and without further ado. one million photos. 


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