July 8, 2015

things I love (a road trip // NEW MEXICO).

a couple weeks ago, one of my good friends asked if I wanted to meet her in New Mexico for a little weekend adventure. she was there for work, and it sounded like fun to check out a state I'd never really been to (how is that possible? it's next door!)...so rather than fly, I packed up the car and headed off to the land of enchantment.

I had all day, and although it was NOT on the way at all, I decided it was worth it to take the long route and head south first to check out White Sands National Monument. it was worth the side trip, and the white dunes that popped up in the middle of nowhere were pretty great.

from there, it was a few hours north to albuquerque, where I met up with my  adventure partner for the night. let's be real, all I knew about the town I learned from breaking bad binges, so I didn't have high hopes, but it surprised me! especially in the area around the university, albuquerque definitely had a little bit of charm and some great places for coffee and food

the next day we headed north and spent some time exploring Santa Fe and Taos. It was like another world - and one I can't wait to go back to! here are some of my favorites from the weekend.

la cueva cafe (taos). if you're looking for truly epic new mexican, this is the place to be. trust me.
el parasol (santa fe). it may not look like much, but this tiny roadside shop is home to the best burritos. maybe ever.
ecco gelato & espresso (santa fe). a great spot to stop for a coffee after wandering all day.
bistronomy b2b (albuquerque). burgers and local beer.

blue heron brewery. the road between Santa Fe and Taos is littered with wineries and brew houses. we picked blue heron out of the blue and tucked in for a flight of beers and live music.

todos santos chocolates and confections (santa fe). it's worth stopping in just for the decor, but this glittery shop houses amazing, amazing sweet treats.
mira (santa fe).
design warehouse (santa fe). the new mexican mecca of mid-century design. if only my car was bigger...

white sands national monument (technically nowhere near santa fe, but worth it if you're near it!).
the rio grande gorge bridge in taos.
the jean cocteau cinema. owned by george rr martin (if you're into game of thrones), this kitschy movie house plays old and new - it's worth stopping in just for a peek around.
art. art. art. okay - so folk art isn't really my thing, but I can appreciate a good gallery. spend some time wandering in and out of the many on canyon road. 

let's be real, santa fe is expensive! I read about the silver saddle motel on some travel website, and it did not disappoint. it was full of charm, the most helpful hotel staff I've had in a while, and, while certainly not out of this decade, rooms were spotless and SUPER affordable (and themed! hey john wayne room). I'd definitely stay here again.


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