June 2, 2015

apps I love (handy).

some people find a good, get-your-hands-dirty deep cleaning session cathartic. therapeutic. refreshing even. I, my friends, am not one of those people. I'm not messy, but I'm all for spending my time doing things I enjoy, and cleaning doesn't even make an appearance on that list. 

ever a sucker for a new app or service, when I read about handy launching in phoenix a while back, I figured I'd check it out (and go enjoy a book and a nice iced coffee while someone who does find cleaning cathartic got down to business). know your strengths, I say. 

started by two harvard business school classmates, handy connects individuals in need of household services to pre-screened, independent service professionals. need a fan installed? cool. house cleaned? easy. someone who is fluent in "ikea drawings" to assemble that malm dresser that's been taunting you from the corner? done. 

full disclosure, so far I've only tried out the cleaning service, but it couldn't be easier. I log in to the app, answer a couple questions, book my appointment, and I'm done. a week before I get a reminder, then day of, I get a notification when my professional is on the way to my place, I can follow her on a little Uber-style map, I let her in, and off we go. I get a notification when the service is complete, and I get a chance to rate the work and provide feedback. handy charges your account automatically, so I don't have to deal with leaving cash, digging up my check book, etc. then, since i'm signed up for recurring service, the app automatically schedules my next cleaning. it practically runs my life for me! ha. 

as we know, nothing is perfect, and last month my professional no-showed. a little frustrating, sure, but the customer service at handy was speedy and helpful, giving me an hour of free cleaning for the time I spent waiting and offering to ensure I had a different professional moving forward. 

anyway, if you're like me and would rather be doing just about anything besides cleaning (or you just want a little help once in a while), I can't say enough good things about the app! check it out! some day soon I'm hoping to give their electrical services a whirl to bring my ceiling fan back to life, and I'm sure they won't let me down! 

now go find something fun to do with all your newfound free time! score! 



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