April 26, 2014

places I love (ojai).

It was due time for a road trip. 

Lindsey had escaped the islands, so naturally before she had time to settle in we packed up the car and headed somewhere new. 

I had heard such good things about Ojai, CA. A little town a few hours outside of LA. So off we went. 

You guys. 

I immediately fell in love with our tiny, intensely hip, renovated motel. The Ojai Rancho Inn is a place I can't wait to come back to. It was perfect. 

If you go (and you should), here are a few of my favorite stops. 

Eat a pixie (or 12). We got ours at the Ojai Farmer's Market. But they are everywhere. 

Make the drive to Meditation Mount. Do it before sunset. Walk to the grassy viewing point, put your bare feet in the grass, sit down, and wait. Trust me. 

Swing by Bart's Books. Outdoor. Bookstore. That's all you need to know. 

Eat at Knead, Jim & Rob's, Ojai Beverage Company, the Scratch truck if it's around, and any of the other delicious spots (there are far more than you'll have time for). 

Explore the bike paths (if you're staying at Ojai Rancho, get up early and claim one of their adorable Linus bikes). 

Shop at Modern Folk Living and Summer Camp. Try not to buy everything. 

I could tell even before we got there that I was going to love this gem of a town. Sitting in silence on Meditation Mount, I looked over and saw a few folks from one of my very favorite bands taking in the sunset - and it sealed the deal. I'll be back Ojai. A lot. 




  1. As always.......... !

  2. adore all of these. I need a random hippie adventure soon please.


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