March 18, 2014

things I love (terrariums!).

In all fairness, I didn't always love terrariums. I didn't really give them any thought at all. But my favorite Phoenix gem, frances, was having a workshop...and as I usually react to such news, I called, booked a couple spots for me and a friend and figured no matter what it was going to be fun. 

You guys. It was fun. 

And I sort of love terrariums now. 

I may or may not have immediately come home and googled where I could find a miniature teepee for my miniature gold club girl/pegasus duo to reside in. 

Led by the brains behind Terrarian, a local mastermind of miniature, the class was the perfect way to spend an evening with a friend, make new crafty pals and try my hand at a gardening hobby I might not kill off immediately. 

frances is always hosting really great events, so if you're in Phoenix, or visiting Phoenix, or even NEAR Phoenix, you should check out their event calendar

Trust me. 



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